SF Indicator Project Applications and Training

The San Francisco Indicator Project is an online framework and data repository that examines how San Francisco neighborhoods perform across eight dimensions of a vision for a healthy, equitable community. The Indicator Project is comprised of three core components: 1) a “community health indicator system” to evaluate community health objectives and baseline neighborhood conditions, 2) a “healthy development checklist” that is used to evaluate land use plans and projects, and 3) a “menu of policy and design strategies” that can be used to make recommendations on how to improve baseline conditions and/or meet checklist targets. The SF Indicator Project was designed for several potential purposes and can be utlized by a wide range of users.


Potential users include:


  • Public agencies (e.g. Planning, Public Health, Transportation, etc.)
  • Neighbhorhood planning groups
  • Developers


Potential applications include:


  • Use the checklist as a screening tool to evaluate projects, identify benefits and needs for improvement, and develop recommendations for improvement.
  • Evaluate the merits and health impacts of development projects and plans.

  • Use the indicators to assess baseline neighborhood conditions and identify priority needs.

  • Identify a set of monitoring indicators to evaluate the impact of and measure the progress of community plans.

  • Inform design choices and to demonstrate benefits of projects.


For more information on how the Indicator Project has been applied, see the Case Studies section on the SF Indicator Project website.


SFDPH Training and Technical Assistance

While SFDPH usually offers a free training on how to use the Indicator Project to consider health and equity in land-use planning once a year, we are currently undergoing a large update and full-day trainings are on hold. 


However, SFDPH can support your use of the SF Indicator Project by advising you on how to use and interpret the indicators. Please contact us if you are interested in consultation or a presentation.


For more information on training or receiving support on using the SF Indicator Project, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .