San Francisco Climate Health Website!


The City of San Francisco’s Department of Public Health is announcing the release of a new Climate and Health Profile, which links climate change and health outcomes and identifies populations and locations most vulnerable to these health impacts. The City will make the tool available on and raw data on This new compilation of data and analysis empowers both policy makers and community members to know where the future risks lie and helps inspire further action to protect public health from increased high heat days, water-borne illness and reduced air quality.


By systematically using climate projections to prioritize the health impacts and risk factors, the Profile paves the way for San Francisco public health adaptation efforts. The Climate and Health Profile will reveal essential information needed to take future actions to be more resilient and support its most vulnerable communities by:


  • continuing to develop assessments, emergency plans and educational and outreach material for adaptation and resilience efforts
  • strengthen collaboration across government agencies
  • supporting vulnerable communities in building capacity and leadership
  • seeking innovative solutions from diverse partnerships as the impacts of climate change escalate and unfold


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