Parks & Green Space

Parks and open spaces fill one of human beings’ most basic needs: the need for interaction with other people and nature. Parks bring together ethnically and socio-economically diverse people seeking an escape from everyday stressors. They provide environmental services that benefit the entire community. These functions result in a variety of health benefits, but require safe and inviting environments for their full realization. Health benefits include:


  • Increased physical activity and well-being
  • Improved mental and social well-being with decreased stress and violence
  • Stronger social cohesion
  • Improved environmental quality


The Program on Health, Equity and Sustainability has been engaged in a number of efforts to help expand and revitalize San Francisco's parks and recreational trails as well as ensure safe and equal access to open space for all residents.


Informing Public Policy

Park Renovation and Health

A research project to examine the impacts of park renovation on youth physical activity.


Blue Greenway

A collaboration with Neighborhood Parks Council to create a “healthy corridor” for activity along the southeast shore of San Francisco.


Green Connections

Green Connections is a collaborative project with the SF Planning Department, SFDPH,  the Municipal Transportation Agency, and several non-profit organizations to identify, envison and develop plans for a network of special streets and paths that connect people to parks, open space and the waterfront in San Francisco.


Research and Assessment

San Francisco Indicator Project

An online framework and data repository that examines how San Francisco neighborhoods perform across eight dimensions of a vision for a healthy, equitable community.