Eastern Neighborhoods Community HIA

The most livable cities are those guided by planning process that integrates planning across city departments and throughout the city."
- Former San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom
Initiated in November 2004, the Eastern Neighborhoods Community Health Impact Assessment (ENCHIA) was a multi-stakeholder assessment process convened and facilitated by the Program on Health, Equity, and Sustainability at the SF Department of Public Health. Guided by a Community Council of over twenty diverse San Francisco organizations and public agencies, ENCHIA's overarching goal was to ensure that land use planning occurring in the Mission, South of Market, and Potrero Hill/Showplace Square neighborhoods took into account, protected, and improved community health.

The ENCHIA Final Report provides a full accounting of ENCHIA's history, process, achievements, and challenges. We also highlight our experience, as a local public health department, in promoting healthy and sustainable land use development. As one of the first examples of a collaborative health impact assessment of land use planning in the U.S., the report serves diverse audiences, including ENCHIA participants, San Francisco public agencies and organizations, and others who are interested in advancing healthy development policy through collaborative and participatory processes. The report is dedicated to the members of the ENCHIA Community Council for their generous commitment to the process. The ENCHIA final report and appendices can be found in the Document Library.


San Francisco Indicator Project

After 18 months of research and deliberation, ENCHIA produced San Francisco’s first Healthy Development Measurement Tool (HDMT). The HDMT provided a methodology to evaluate the Eastern Neighborhoods plans as well as other land use policies, plans, and projects in San Francisco. SFDPH subsequently made a commitment to the ENCHIA Council to put the HDMT into practice and to pursue opportunities for its institutionalization in San Francisco planning. In 2012, SFDPH transformed and rebranded the HDMT as the Sustainable Communities Index (SCI). In May of 2014, the SCI was transitioned into the San Francisco Indicator Project. To learn about or use the SF Indicator Project, please visit www.sfindicatorproject.org.



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